B&J Computers, Inc.

If you’re having trouble with your home or business computer, internet connection, printer, tablet, smartphone or other computer or electronic device, we can send a trained, certified, insured technician to your location within a timely fashion.  We can also provide instant remote support for many common computer problems!

B&J Technicians take the hassle out of computer repair. Just call us at 618-687-4459. We will schedule a visit to your home or business, diagnose your problem, fix the issue, and test it thoroughly to make sure your system is running smoothly.  Our technicians can tackle computer repair, new computer setup, data backup and transfer, software and operating system upgrades, internet connection problems, setting up wired and wireless networks, printers or peripherals (cameras, tablets, smartphones you name it), spyware and virus removal, business mail servers, file servers and a myriad of other tasks.

Our minimum charge for systems dropped off at our location is $56.25 and if we come out to your location $75.00 plus travel.  Call us at 618-687-4459 for more information or to setup an appointment.  See us on Facebook!!